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Now also available in book stores

I noticed yesterday that Open Life has now showed up also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and presumable available at every other book store in the world as well. So now it's really published!

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Tipping now works

I was notified that the PayPal links on the Tipping page did not work. I think the problem was related to something Drupal (the content management system on this site) does to the code I pasted from PayPal. When I changed to a content type where Drupal does no transformations, it started working.

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Oupen Såårs translation, Finnish national broadcasting company YLE releases Windows-only archives

FLUG member Simon Rönnqvist appropriately pointed out, that now that the book has been translated into English, the next logical step would be to make a translation into t

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Selling books

I just checked at and it seems I've now sold my first couple of books. Yippiee! I immediately also noticed a small drawback. With the Finnish book I'd receive the orders into my personal mailbox, and write a personal thank you note to the buyer. Now I have no idea who it is that is buying the book. Of course, that's the inevitable price of automation.

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Finnish vocabulary and spelling rules donated to LGPL

Hi again. Guess it's up to me now to keep this blog rolling with interesting Open Source stuff.

I just got home from this autumns first Open Tuesday event (Club Ahjo, Helsinki). They celebrated Linux 15 year birthday with a panel on where Open Source is going. I celebrated the publication of the English edition with a glass of red wine, sponsored by IBM (Open Bar). Kind of like that guy on the cover, talking to the penguin.

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Press Release: New book introduces Open Source ideology and business models, entertaining and in layman terms

September 4th, 2006
For immediate publication

New book introduces Open Source ideology and business models, entertaining and in layman terms

'Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source' is a newly published book about Open Source ideology and business models. It is divided into 4 parts covering the topic from different angels. Part one introduces the general concept of openness, part two Open Source ideology and values, along with prominent personalities like Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, part three is an exhaustive study in Linux businesses and their business models and finally part four is an introduction into the emerging trend of applying Open Source ideology and methods to non-technical fields, like Wikipedia or Creative Commons.

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Welcome to my Open Life site!


When I finally got home today after a long day at work, there it was. My copy from had arrived and it was perfect. So I've approved it, and now all I need to do is to write the press release and then go brag about this to all my friends!

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Waiting to launch

Finally! We are ready to launch. After spending 5 evenings copypasting and adding <em></em> tags around italicised words, the book is also now available in a browsable Drupal book format.

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