Relocating from GoDaddy to HostGator

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If you are reading this it means the nameserver update is in effect and we have officially moved to a new web hotel. From its inception has been located on a server, and almost from day one I had my doubts about it: "BTW, is this GoDaddy server slow or what? Or is it just Drupal? I wonder what will happen when I actually get some visitors." Now I know what happened. After the site was added to, response times went from slow (like 20-30 secs) to unusable (60 secs, which means 50% of the time you'd just stare at a white page after page timeout). I already relocated the Finnish sister site some time ago, and actually regretted my first choice of hosting provider DreamHost, only to find out that the current one HostGator, wasn't perfect either (doesn't support unix style directories /~hingo/, but at least allows a hacked redirect to save the day).

But at least now the pages work fast again, like a decent website should. Also if you look at the menu to the left, you'll see that site search is enabled! This was an unsupported feature on GoDaddy, because it requires MySQL temporary tables (if I recall correctly). But now you can search the OpenLife book right here!

What didn't work out of the box was unfortunately logging in. So to actually be able to write this log entry, I had to spend until 2:00 (that's AM in Europe) finding out what was going on. Turns out, there is some weird behaviour in PHP 5.2.0 which made the logged in session to disappear all the time. But I manually copied the fix to my Drupal installation, and now it all works.

So welcome to a new and snappier May we have many search-enabled and fast-browsable years together!

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