Sun deal closed

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I was finishing up a business trip in Madrid yesterday and heading back to the airport while making sporadic calls into our conference calls that were going on. The Sun acquisition is now closed and we are part of the worlds biggest Open Source company. MÃ¥rten Mickos is heading the Sun Database Technology Group the Sun Database Group, which in addition to MySQL includes some happy Norwegians (they are always happy) of the Sun owned Clustra Systems, known as the Database Technology Group, who also sing drinking songs in their own language :-) They also work on the Apache Derby project. However, there was no mention of any Postgres developers falling under MÃ¥rten (caveat: I wasn't able to hear everything). I think it might be best so :-)

Here is the funny video of today, it is a documentary of the evolution of the species known as Sun Sales Engineers (I'm a Sales Engineer):

Other than this, it is a bit overwhelming to see all the resources Sun is now putting into MySQL marketing and technical resources. Like most big technology companies, Sun has a so called "SWAT team", ie a group of technical guru's who are on hold and sent in to solve the most difficult and urgent problems. Apparently 15 of those are right now getting MySQL Certified, with 30 to follow later. I think that approximately doubles our support organisation with just the snap of a fingers of some manager.

There is also a tour of informal customer & user meetings planned, yet Finland doesn't seem to be on the list. I hope we can do something to fix that.

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