MySQL user conference: Sun is back, CfP is on, Registration is on!

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A week after the first announcement, MySQL user conference seems like it's coming together and will be as good as ever.

In particular, Sun makes a come back with a tailor-made "Founding sponsor" status. Great! That means everyone will be there, just like we are used to.

Call for Papers is opened, but hurry, you only have a month to submit your papers. Baron Schwartz has updated his"How to write a good MySQL conference proposal.

And to round things up, the conference will be in good hands with the program chair being none other than Colin Charles, who chaired also last years conference. Colin being available for this I think is the "dot on the i", as we say in Finland. Colin is helped by a program committee that includes Sun employees, people from the independent consulting companies, users.

In short, we are more or less back to normal, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference. Oh, that reminds me: Don't forget to register!

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