MariaDB, ODBA and MP at #OSCon

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We've been mingling here for 4 days already, but today the official part of OSCon kicks off. At Monty Program we've been a bit late in preparing for this conference - busy getting started with the company and everything. But even if we were a bit late, we succeeded in lining up a good set of sessions.

Already done:

  • What's up with MySQL at the Community Leadership Summit unconference.
  • What's up with MySQL lightning talk at the same.
  • Lot's of people coming to talk to us in the corridoors, evening events etc.

Sessions at OSCon:

  • Wednesday at 20:00 Monty is joining Peter for the Future of MySQL Forks, Branches, and Patches.
  • Thursday at 13:45 yours truly has a slot reserved for a State of... MariaDB lightning talk.
  • Thursday at 14:35 Monty and Kurt are doing an OSCon talk MariaDB: Community Driven SQL Server. (No, it is not a fork of any Microsoft product! ...I just have to smile at their chosen title.)
  • Thursday at 21:00 Monty and Peter will deliver the Open Database Alliance BoF.

I'll post the slides when I have them done.

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