Featuring Korv Göran kebab grill in my OSCON talk next week

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I will be using this picture of the famous Korv Göran kebab grill in my talk at OSCON next week. They recently launched a new slogan "Bigger is better". I think they are on to something, at least when it comes to the kebab business.

Korv Göran grill / Bigger is better

Did you know that...

On a completely unrelated note. Did you know that in the Linux kernel source code, they change 18,000 lines of code each day. Yes, that's 18 thousand. Even if they have over one thousand engineers working on it, it's still an unbelievable amount of code. Each day, weekends and holidays included.

Every time I'm going to write or talk about this topic I start doubting the number. Surely it has to be an error in my tables? So I always have to go back to check the source of that statistic. It is true.

18 thousand lines of text is about 250 pages A4. Books are approximately A5 size, so it's approximately one 500 page book written each day. Except that a book is much easier to write than an operating system.

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