5 MongoDB features that are NOT reasons to choose MongoDB

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On May 5th I will be speaking at the ICT Expo in Helsinki. On home field, so to speak! This is the major Finnish ICT event and MongoDB will be exhibiting together with our Nordics partner Altotech.

The title for my talk is "5 Reasons that made MongoDB the Leading NoSQL Database". In preparing the talk I came to think of several MongoDB features that are great, but in consideration are clearly NOT reasons that make MongoDB stand out against other NoSQL databases.

Why? Because these are typical traits of any NoSQL database. Here's my Top 5 list of non-reasons:

1. It's Open Source
2. Easy, automatic Replication
3. Easy, builtin Sharding
4. Schemaless
5. Works well with Cloud, Big Data... (and other contemporary buzzwords)

While these are all great features of MongoDB, they are also basic features of pretty much every other NoSQL database. However, these are often reasons why people are moving to MongoDB and other NoSQL databases from a relational database world. If your current options are Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server... then most of the above are not true for your current database options.

In my talk at the ICT Expo I will focus on the Top 5 reasons why people choose MongoDB over other NoSQL options!

PS: We are planning to also do an evening meetup with Red Hat around the ICT Expo. To stay tuned for more information, join our MongoDB Finland User Group on Meetup.com. (...or the Red Hat meetup group here.)

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I am an IT geek and I know

I am an IT geek and I know how MongoDB is important for us. glad to see an update about MongoDB. Thanks a lot.

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Each NoSQL solution is

Each NoSQL solution is unique. And MongoDB is one of the coolest

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