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Almost participated in Spanish conference, cleaned up some spam

Last week I was supposed to be in Spain for the Free Software World Conference. I was invited there to give a short speech, but due to some last minute changes I had to stay in Finland. Just as well, because then I caught a really bad flu, so I wouldn't have enjoyed air planes and hot weather that much.

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Open Life 2.0: Open Source Around the World (collaborative edition)

I'm glad that somebody has already asked how he could contribute to the collaborative version of Open Life. We came to the conclusion that the collaborative edition will be a completely new book, written in collaboration by all of us who want to be a part of it. The new book will be called "Open Life 2.0" as a working title. The "old book" will be referred to as "Open Life 1.0"

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The making of www.openlife.cc (with Drupal)

In the second part of this "The making of..." series, I will tell a little about setting up www.openlife.cc with Drupal.

The domain name

Already when I was publishing the Finnish book I prepared for an eventual translation and had in mind the name "Open Life". Unfortunately, domain names like openlife.org, openlife.info and openlife.net were already registered then, although none of those had functioning websites. I believe openlife.com might had been free, but even so, a .com name didn't feel appropriate. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars to transfer those to me, I did a trick I've used earlier too, I added a dash and registered open-life.org instead.

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Tipping now works

I was notified that the PayPal links on the Tipping page did not work. I think the problem was related to something Drupal (the content management system on this site) does to the code I pasted from PayPal. When I changed to a content type where Drupal does no transformations, it started working.

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Oupen Såårs translation, Finnish national broadcasting company YLE releases Windows-only archives

FLUG member Simon Rönnqvist appropriately pointed out, that now that the book has been translated into English, the next logical step would be to make a translation into t

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Waiting to launch

Finally! We are ready to launch. After spending 5 evenings copypasting and adding <em></em> tags around italicised words, the book is also now available in a browsable Drupal book format.

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Ugly green

Uh oh. Finalizing always takes time. I thought once Sara had the book translated, the editor would just need a couple of days to finish it. Wrong. Who would've guessed, an editor actually does some real work on the book! Helen was a very good editor. Usually I just get angry when an editor points out all unclear or outright bad parts of my masterpiece, but with Helen we got along quite nicely.

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