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MariaDB 5.2: Using MariaDB as a document store and Virtual Columns for indexing

This is a followup to my previous post about Virtual Columns. In this post I will do a more in-depth test on using virtual columns in a use case where MariaDB is used as a document store.

Document oriented DB basics

Relational databases store data in 2-dimensional tables, rows and columns. Document oriented databases do not store Word documents or novels, rather the "documents" are essentially serialized PHP arrays, Java-objects, etc. The most popular document format today is JSON. JSON "documents" have exactly the same syntax as a JavaScript array, originally JavaScript programmers would just eval("data = " + jsondocument); to get the data into a variable (unserialize). For more information about JSON and how a JSON database would work, see the Wikipedia article and for instance the MongoDB manual.

Another format that has been used for document stores is XML documents, and many programming languages can serialize objects into XML.

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MySQLconf impressions 2: Thoughts on MySQL on top of NoSQL / Hadoop

We then finally came to the topic that comes naturally to anyone familiar with the MySQL architecture. Could Hadoop, or Hive, or whichever, be plugged into MySQL as a storage engine? And why would you want to do that? And can Timour's work to push down JOIN conditions be of any help? (The last question was interesting since Ted and his team were inherently against talking about JOINs at all :-)

We ended up concluding that 2 things could be interesting and considered "low hanging fruit":

SQL to PIG compiler.

(Btw, it is not immediately obvious if this task needs MySQL at all.)

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MySQLconf impressions 1: May as well look into this NoSQL thing since we are stuck anyway

(This is the first in a series of blogs written while I was trying to get home from Santa Clara. Posting them now as I'm back home and online.)

These MySQL conferences certainly get more interesting every year. Last year we got acquired and I went home thinking I need to start looking for a new job. This year Eyjafjallajõkull erupted and I had trouble getting home at all!

Pre-conference there was also the suspense to see whether the conference will take place at all, but O'Reilly and Colin pulled it together perfectly! It seems most if not all Europeans will eventually find their ways home, so all in all, all is well that ends well.

To recount everything we've learned, I will step backwards in time through the highlights as I saw them.

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