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Nils Torvalds is for Free Software, Jyrki Kasvi's Klingon campaign on CNN.

Finnish Linux Users Group has posted the results of their poll with election candidates. A certain Nils Torvalds, running for the Swedish Peoples Party1 was among the 10% who answered. I'll translate this just for your Saturday amusement...

  1. 1. This small party represents mainly the Swedish speaking minority in Finland. There is no connection to Sweden-the-country-next-to-us, just so you know.
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Almost participated in Spanish conference, cleaned up some spam

Last week I was supposed to be in Spain for the Free Software World Conference. I was invited there to give a short speech, but due to some last minute changes I had to stay in Finland. Just as well, because then I caught a really bad flu, so I wouldn't have enjoyed air planes and hot weather that much.

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Second Life client released as Open Source (server to follow)

One purpose of the Open Life book and this site is to study different Open Source business models. And one category which has significantly increased during the last year is the body of software that was previously closed source and then released as Open Source.

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Novell CEO trying to understand his customers

SUSE is indeed the nr1 choice right now, but I think there are many of us troubled with the direction Novell is going. (Part of the problem being, we can only guess what the direction is...)[...] I often wonder whether Novell knew what they were buying into when they bought both Ximian and SUSE. (me discussing Novell on LWN about 6 months ago)

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It's a new day, the SUN is rising, Java is free!

Sun has been saying it for more than a year now, but we wanted action, not words. Then they open sourced Solaris, but we were not interested in that, we only wanted Java. Then last week it happened...

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Doing business with nerds

Here is my own talk from the Vaasa seminar. Some of this was actually not spoken out loud, in two places I skipped a little to fit into my given timeslot.

I posted a summary of the rest of the seminar separately.

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Report from BIOS seminar October 6th

I'm back home, after flying around Europe last week and ending up in Vaasa on Friday to attend the Open Source seminar arranged by the Vaasa Applied Sciences University and their EU funded Business in Open Source program.

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Business in Open Source, Vaasa, October 6th

When rock stars publish a new record, they go on a tour and have concerts around the world. Publishing a book is kind of the same. You get invited to talk in various Open Source events. This Friday (October 6th) I'll be in Vaasa for the EU sponsored Business In Open Source seminar.

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