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See you at O'Reilly MySQL conference starting Monday

I've been to (only?) 2 previous MySQL conferences. I never spoken before, I actually tried to avoid it plus I didn't feel I had any hardcore topics worthy of presenting. Last year all MySQL Sales Engineers were told to submit a talk, so I submitted one that I knew would not be accepted ("no vaporware rule"), and it wasn't. Hey, I obeyed our boss more than my collagues who didn't submit anything! I did feel that for me it was a more useful way to spend time with my customers who were at the conference, and just network.

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MySQL absent from Google Summer of Code this year

Google Summer of Code is now open for student applications and people (like Ronald Bradford) are noticing that MySQL is not participating this year. (Drizzle otoh is a mentoring organization.)

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Map of MySQL forks and branches

Last year Morgan Tocker published a graph of all MySQL forks when preparing course material on the topic. I've been preparing some material for Monty's keynote at the O'Reilly MySQL conference, and briefly touch the same topic so I have pictures too:

map of MySQL forks

MariaDB with other MySQL forks

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Poor Matt, poor Ken

Well, for Matt Asay, I should start by congratulating you for the new job and nice title! (Also, we learn some intelligence from Matt's blog: apparently Canonical is already close to the size of MySQL AB at the time of the Sun acquisition.)

Usually we are told to "ignore the trolls" and all that. The blogosphere unfortunately seems to be full of commentators who like to have share their opinion - even while they are entirely clueless. Sometimes, like the comments on Slashdot, it is ok and considered part of the entertainment. Sometimes it is harmless, because nobody reads that blog. And sometimes, it is just unacceptable:

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2 MySQL lessons for real life

Between following (from a distance) the talks at Fosdem and anticipating the ones at MySQL User Conference in April, I was reminded of 2 interesting MySQL talks that have had a deeper meaning to me than their original speakers probably intended. I thought today could be a good time to share these 2 stories that for me personally are filed in the "things I learned from MySQL AB and Sun" folder...

"If you can't solve the problem, try solving some other problem"

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MySQL user conference: Sun is back, CfP is on, Registration is on!

A week after the first announcement, MySQL user conference seems like it's coming together and will be as good as ever.

In particular, Sun makes a come back with a tailor-made "Founding sponsor" status. Great! That means everyone will be there, just like we are used to.

Call for Papers is opened, but hurry, you only have a month to submit your papers. Baron Schwartz has updated his"How to write a good MySQL conference proposal.

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We scared Oracle a little, but their promises for MySQL are mostly an insult to the Commission

The European Commission has now got a lot of emails! It seems they even have to block some (at least GMail) just to keep their mail server alive. Thank you, all, for helping out, it is working.

As you can see, the emails already have had a small effect that Oracle had to backtrack and make some promises.

In this blog I will explain why these promises are not very helpful, even if they show that even Oracle is a little bit concerned now.

The first thing is of course that

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O'Reilly picks up the MySQL user conference

It has been a tough Autumn for all of us so it is a pleasure to finally blog on some good news! O'Reilly has finally announced the next MySQL User Conference.

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